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El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel


An Oceanfront Retreat

Tradition, flavor, and joy blend in splendid style at El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel. Nestled on the pristine southern shore of Cozumel, this oceanfront retreat elegantly blends the vibrant Mexican heart with the soothing Caribbean soul.

Members of Our Cozumel Vacation Club Enjoy Premier Accommodations

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beaches and warm hospitality of El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel - a waterfront haven nestled on the shores of Cozumel Island, Mexico. This stunning property is an intimate alternative to the standard Cozumel timeshare ownership option, offering a wealth of amenities. Experience the ancient healing powers of El Cocay Massage & Temezcal Center at the hotel spa. Enjoy some of the best reef diving and snorkeling in the world. Explore the quaint street of San Miguel - a unique network of friendly neighborhoods, delicious local cuisine and historic Mayan culture. As a member of our extensive Cozumel vacation club, truly unforgettable getaways await.


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We have been coming to the Marina El Cid in Mazatlán for the past twelve years. My husband and I come down for a couple of weeks in the winter and bring down the children and grandchildren for spring break. The El Cid employs a friendly, caring and competent staff to help make your stay extremely pleasant. Because of the caring attitude of the El Cid staff and the safe environment, we have felt comfortable bringing both infants and teenagers to the resort. Every year I ask the family where they want to go during spring break and the answer is always, "The Marina El Cid", when we arrive and we are greeted with a "Welcome home" feeling, that´s exactly how it really feels. We love El Cid and will continue to vacation with them as long as we are able.

- Judy & Verl Hester
  Member since 2001
   Fort Morgan, Colorado

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